Think of one machine which is equipped with superpowers fueled by data and artificial intelligence. This innovative technology isn't here to replace your friendly safety officer, but it is present to empower them and your entire team to create a safe haven, free from preventable risks.

But how does this magic happen? Buckle up, because we are about to dive into the fascinating world of Safety AI and explore how it helps you,

Seeing Beyond the Human Eye

No person can constantly monitor safety all the time, as we all humans, we may fall due to fatigue, get distracted, or even miss blind spots. But here, there is no option for those instances, because SeeWise eliminates these limitations and constantly monitors for potential dangers that might escape the human eye.

Real Time Intervention

You will all have a big question, what exactly does it do??
To answer it out loud, Seewise not only passively observes, it actively analyzes what it sees!!

Our sophisticated algorithms detect,

Environment , Health, & Safety Factors (EHS)

Workers entering restricted zones, failing to wear PPE, or engaging in risky behaviors are flagged immediately, and equipment malfunctions and many more are identified before they lead to breakdowns or accidents.
But detection is only half the story. SeeWise AI triggers real-time responses to mitigate risks

Visual and audible alerts

Workers and supervisors are notified of potential dangers through alarms and visual cues, prompting immediate corrective action.

Automatic shutdowns

In critical situations, the system can automatically shut down equipment, preventing accidents and injuries.

Seamless integration

SeeWise integrates with existing safety systems like emergency lighting and PA systems, ensuring a coordinated response.

SeeWise goes beyond immediate interventions, fostering a proactive safety culture

Identifying trends: By analyzing historical data, areas with high accident risks are pinpointed, supporting the EHS team for targeted safety measures and training programs.
Educating workers: Real-life footage captured by the system is used to educate workers on safe practices and highlight potential hazards, promoting awareness.
Measuring safety performance: Safety metrics are tracked over time, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your safety programs and identify areas for improvement.

The Safety Net Your Workforce Deserves

1. By proactively identifying unsafe actions and equipment malfunctions, SeeWise demonstrably reduces accidents. A 10% decrease in accidents translates to significant cost savings, protecting both lives and your bottom line.

2. Companies with demonstrably low accident rates can enjoy insurance premium reductions of up to 20%. By creating a safer work environment, SeeWise paves the way for lower insurance premiums, directly impacting your bottom line.

Investing in Tomorrow, Today

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